What properties do goji berries have?

Goji berries are a fruit that has become especially fashionable in recent years for its anti-aging properties. This food is very rich in fiber and antioxidants (carotenes such as lycopene or lutein, vitamin C and E and minerals such as magnesium), which helps prevent processes related to oxidation. For this reason and its complete nutritional content, Goji berries are often included in the category of so-called "superfoods."

Origin and composition

This deep red fruit has its origin in ancient China, where it has been used for thousands of years to improve longevity. Currently they are grown mostly in the Ningixia region, although there are up to 41 species of the also known as Goji cherries.

Nutritionally, this fruit is very similar to raisins, with the difference that they are poorer in carbohydrates and higher in protein.

If we talk about its calories, the expert affirms that they are around 270kcal per 100 grams of product and adds that this value depends on the source where we consult, since it varies a lot and can reach up to 370kcal.


For now, Goji berries are credited with certain benefits of consumption, but there are no studies yet that speak of medicinal or other uses. "Consuming 10 to 20 grams of these berries daily has anti-aging effects, protects eyes and skin, and prevents cardiovascular disease"


Goji berries are not recommended for everyone, as it can interfere with certain medications. They can interact with warfarin or sintrom, anticoagulant substances that are administered to patients with cardiovascular problems.

Diabetics and people with high blood pressure should also consult a specialist before consuming them, as it can also be incompatible with the drugs that treat these disorders.

On the other hand, people with a pollen allergy could experience adverse effects from these foods.

"Thanks to an OCU study on Goji berries, it has been discovered that some contained levels of pesticide at levels outside the legality or very close to the limit, so if we want to consume, we have to take the precaution of acquiring them from trustworthy brands and in sealed packages, and in recommended portions "

Recipes and ways to prepare it

Like raisins, it is recommended to include them in salads, yogurts, natural smoothies and salads or also as an ingredient to give a sweet touch to stews.

Two examples of consumption could be a natural yogurt based on Goji berries, two or three walnuts, a handful of rolled oats and a few blueberries.

For a complete salad, we can combine the berries with arugula, tomato, red onion, corn, chickpeas and avocado.